ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD Golf Shoes -- No need to think about it

 By Jeffrey A. Rendall, Images from ASICS

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -- Don’t think, just do.

It’s something Tom Cruise’s Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell character instructed his students to do in the aptly named box office hit “Top Gun: Maverick”. I can’t speak for Pete, but he likely was hoping to get his cocky pupils to fly their planes based on knowledge, practice and instinct rather than hesitating to ponder what to do in each given circumstance.

And while flying an F-18 in combat is nothing like walking a golf course, the last thing a golfer wants is to have to think about his shoes while on the links. How many times have we played a round and been reminded with each passing step how uncomfortable or underperforming our golf shoes really are?

Right at that moment you wish you hadn’t settled for that cheap pair of shoes at a clearance sale at your local sporting goods store. The last thing you want to do when playing golf is be forced through non-performance to think about your shoes. This means they should be comfortable, sharp to look at, waterproof, easy to put on and… after that, completely unobtrusive.

That’s why I’m glad I chose the ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD shoes, because they’ve been just as good, if not better than advertised. You probably associate the ASICS brand with top quality running shoes, so the minds behind the product definitely know a lot about sustained comfort and performance in footwear.

Professional golfers think so too, particularly 2021 Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama, who said about the GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD, “These golf shoes are tremendous in providing a solid foundation for my swing. The comfort and support are unmatched and have played a pivotal part of my success out on Tour.”

Having done quite a bit of walking this season, I understand more than ever what Matsuyama was talking about. Professional golfers literally live in their shoes, wearing them for hour upon hour while practicing and performing in tournaments. Matsuyama has been battling a nagging neck injury this season, but thankfully he hasn’t had to give any thought to his foot comfort.

The shoes are definitely comfortable. I was curious about how the ASICS experience with running shoes translated to their golf product. General Manager of ASICS, Ryan Polanco, provided the answer:

“The Fundamental goal of creating the best product possible does not change, striving for this is the philosophy for which ASICS was founded. Key technologies like ASICS Gel and FlyteFoam can easily transition from running shoes to golf shoes when you think about all the support and comfort, they offer marathon runners.

“When you equate that to walking 18 holes, golfers really come out ahead there. The key difference is looking at the biomechanics of the feet and how they work during the golf swing. With the transition of weight and pressure through the feet during the golf swing, the development team looks at all aspects of the swing to develop a shoe that offers the best traction from address, at the top of the backswing, at impact, and all the way to the follow through.

“This is where the golf specific sole really comes into play in providing the most traction and stability possible not only during the golf swing, but also in providing optimized grip while walking uphill or downhill on the course.”

Anyone who’s slipped on a golf course knows what Polanco was referring to. Nothing like morning dew on a mound to make it slippery. I found the ASICS shoes to be exceptional in this category. Thanks goes out to those engineers!

Technically speaking, the company’s press release indicates that “the ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD feature an X-Shaped TPU Trusstic that extends from the rearfoot to the forefoot for added support during the golf swing. Proflex Spikes strategically placed on the widest part of the sole provide stability and grip where needed most, while Flex Grooves enhance rotation during the swing and makes for easier walking around the course.

“Meanwhile, a refined waterproof upper section is constructed with soft synthetic leather to withstand any weather conditions. ASICS GEL™ Technology increases shock absorption and is strategically placed for maximum comfort under the heel. It delivers more reliable cushioning than traditional midsole foams over the life of the shoe.”

I haven’t had the shoes long enough to speak to how long they will last, but they appear to be holding up nicely through frequent use and are easy to clean as well.

I chose a traditional white/black look, the same one I saw Matsuyama employing in the U.S. Open final round. They look sharp, and I’m very pleased with my selection.

Another thing I liked about the shoes was the fact they were comfortable from the get-go. I have a fairly wide foot and usually only buy footwear in “wide”, but it wasn’t needed here. They were easy to slip on and didn’t strangle my foot. No thinking required!

Again, the last thing any golfer wants to do on the golf course is think about his or her golf shoes. There’s enough other stuff to consider – weather, wind, your annoying playing partners or the business project you have to finish when you get done with the round.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, consider getting the ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD, and leave the thinking to someone else.



Pricing: $199.99
Sizes: Men’s: 7-12, 13, 14
Colors: White/Black, Black/Pure Silver

Pricing: $179.99
Sizes: Men’s: 7-12, 13, 14
Colors: White/Black; Black/Black

Check website for availability.

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