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Get the golf enthusiast’s point-of-view at GolfTheUnitedStates.com

Manassas, VA – After reporting on the best in golf from many different parts of the country over the past eight years, formerly regionally based GolfTheMidAtlantic.com is going ‘national’ with the launch of GolfTheUnitedStates.com.

“Because of my schedule and various other considerations, I found myself playing at a number of different places around the country quite often, so it no longer made sense to ‘limit’ ourselves to the Mid-Atlantic region,” remarked Editor and Publisher Jeff Rendall in discussing why the brand is being changed after nearly a decade as GolfTheMidAtlantic.com.

A lot has changed in those years for Rendall, including taking on several new clients to his freelance writing business and ‘expanding’ the family as well, so he felt it was time to turn in a different direction.  GolfTheUnitedStates.com will allow for more flexibility, not only in travel/regional emphasis but also to provide a voice for worldwide manufacturers to discuss their equipment offerings.

“We’ve always enjoyed covering the equipment aspect of the golf industry,” Rendall said.  “We know that golfers like to try new products, and one of the major pushes of the new publication will be lots of equipment reviews.  It won’t exactly be Golf Digest’s ‘Hot list,’ but we’ll seek to find the latest and greatest – and provide an average player’s point-of-view on whatever we feature.  We all know the pros can use the advanced technology to their benefit, but can everyone really get something out of it?”

GolfTheUnitedStates.com will continue to be based in the Washington, DC metro region, so there will still be plenty of Mid-Atlantic flavor to it – but Rendall is working on bringing onboard other regionally based writers and editors to provide truly national coverage.  “It’s going to offer a little of everything, and we’ll make sure that whatever we cover is considered the best in any particular region.  Readers can be assured that if we feel good enough about featuring a course or resort (or a private club), it’s worthwhile to make a visit there themselves.”

Rendall is also quick to point out that GolfTheUnitedStates.com will differ from other national golf magazines because it will offer ‘expertise’ only in the average golfer/traveler’s point-of-view.  “We may offer instruction tips and that type of thing from time-to-time, but we’re really all about presenting topics that golf enthusiasts will relate to.  Golf tips are already thoroughly covered in the ‘big’ publications, so we’ll focus on what ‘average’ enthusiasts would like, and the places they’d like to go.”

Because advertising will be somewhat limited on the site, golf will always be the main focus.  The ‘big’ publications are loaded with ads… GolfTheUnitedStates.com will be loaded with golf.

One thing will stay the same in the transition, the emphasis on quality.  "We have a motto: ‘Not just different, but better.’ We’ve worked extremely hard in covering golf for the last decade, and that work will continue," Rendall said. "We really want it to be a participatory publication, and we welcome comments and questions."

Suggestions and inquiries should be sent to: JRendall@GolfTheUnitedStates.com.

Who We Are

Jeff Rendall, Publisher and Editor

"I should really get a job..."Jeff Rendall is a California native who moved to the Washington DC area in 1995 to pursue interests in history and politics. A non-practicing attorney, Jeff is an avid golfer and fan of golf course architecture, as well as PGA Tour couch potato, freelance writer, Op-Ed columnist, Mr. Mom and amateur historian.

Jeff worked on TravelGolf.com’s Virginia site, OldDominionGolf.com, for two years prior to establishing GolfTheMidAtlantic.com in 2003. Jeff specializes in course/resort overviews and regional golf news -- including PGA tour events.

Jeff holds a Political Science degree from UCLA and a Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. When he's not golfing, he enjoys spending time with his family, working out, touring historical sites, wine tasting and reading historical narrative.
Jeff can be reached at JRendall@GolfTheUnitedStates.com


Shari Rendall, Assistant Editor

Shari Rendall is a former Californian and political junkie who moved to the Washington DC area with her husband in 1995. A former Hill staffer, Shari is currently working as a lobbyist for a Pro-Family advocacy group.

Although a non-golfer, Shari's been involved with the sport since her husband first began work on TravelGolf.com's Virginia site, OldDominionGolf.com. Since the launching of GolfTheUnitedStates.com, Shari provides Jeff with a non-golfer's overview of the courses, resorts and cities they visit and she highlights family activities at the various destinations. She also contributes to GolfTheUnitedStates.com's PGA Tour coverage.

Shari holds a Political Science degree from UCLA and a Juris Doctorate from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, California. In addition to her editing duties, Shari enjoys spending time with her family, step aerobics, wine tasting, history, traveling and craft shows.


Jeff Janas, Southwestern Regional Editor and Photographer

Cleveland SUCKS! (as does Drew Carey, that river that caught fire, and basically that whole part of Ohio but most especially the Browns.  Really.  I wouldn't kid you about this.)For more than a decade, Jeff has been photographing courses and PGA tour events for GolfTheUnitedStates.com.  Working with GTUS has allowed him to combine two of his favorite passions, golf and photography.

Jeff's professional background is in politics, government and public relations. He holds a degree in communications from Ohio University and currently serves as the Vice President of Public Affairs and Communication for an Arizona non-profit.

Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, Jeff maintains a fierce loyalty for all Cleveland sports teams.  He currently makes his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the opportunity to golf and photograph links-related landscapes on a year round basis is infinitely more promising.


Kevin J. Gaydosh, Senior Writer and Photographer

Kevin Gaydosh works in the public relations industry for a Virginia-based agency, and is a freelance writer and photographer in his spare time.

His expertise includes sports and cause-related marketing, sponsorship consulting and event marketing. His personal and professional writing and media relations experience have included work for various four-star golf resorts, one of which hosted PGA and LPGA Tour events. Gaydosh has also written and conducted media relations for a PGA Tour pro, a NASCAR team sponsor and team owner, professional surfing, powerboat racing, various business and industrial sponsorships, and a national cable TV sports program.

In both the private and public sectors, Gaydosh has represented several municipal and state tourism accounts as well as economic development activities involving sports, the arts, and museum and performance facilities.

Gaydosh received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, in 1985 from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is an award-winning and accredited member (APR) of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).


Mike Tanner, Senior Writer and Photographer

An avid, if not an especially accomplished player, Mike Tanner loves golf. He’s a veteran advertising copywriter whose experiences while working on accounts that include some of the Mid-Atlantic’s finest golf resorts have spoiled him silly. Mike is also a student of golf course architecture and the game’s fascinating history. While he’s been known to make some dumb decisions during a round, Mike considers golf a thinking man’s game. He prefers to sling his golf bag over his shoulders and walk the course, and he plays the ball down. Betting and drinking are not mandatory during a round with Mike, but he wholeheartedly encourages both activities.