GolfLogix App -- The ultimate excuse for using your smartphone on the links

By Jeffrey A. Rendall, Images from GolfLogix

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Believe me, the last thing I wanted was my phone on the golf course.

Being from the “old school,” I resisted the latest trend in golf technology to use an app while playing golf. It’s annoyed me to the nth degree to see playing partners endlessly staring into their devices like starstruck teens on social media, and I never knew what it was that kept them so transfixed. Upon further examination, some were simply checking sports scores -- you know, the typical addicts -- or texting back and forth with “the boss” (his wife); but one particularly enterprising individual was using his phone to his advantage.

Huh? How can that be? The thought never occurred to me that he was employing his phone to do the work of a handheld GPS device, an experienced caddy and a rangefinder all in one. I investigated a little further and discovered friend X was using the GolfLogix app, which can basically be summed-up as an comprehensive solution to excelling on the golf course.

The GolfLogix app won’t hit your irons for you and there’s no way for it to apply a terrific putting stroke to that nerve-racking four-footer, but at least when you know the shot you should play, there’s no excuse for getting it wrong. After having used the GolfLogix app for a few months now, I’m amazed at how foolish (stupid) I was for ignoring it all this time.

How did it come about?

Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix, elaborated on the story: What is the history of GolfLogix? Were you involved in GPS hand-held devices prior to the GolfLogix app?

Charleston: I was one of the founding members in 1999. We were the first company to launch a handheld GPS device for golf. Before using rangefinders were deemed legal by the USGA we sold/leased directly to the golf course. Once the USGA changed their stance in 2006 we immediately started selling direct to consumers and along with SkyCaddies, were the two most successfully golf GPS devices. A number of years ago I had a SkyCaddie. Has the GolfLogix app supplanted this type of handheld device? How is GolfLogix superior to your competitors?

Charleston: SkyCaddie is great. We don’t feel like we have replaced the handheld devices but it is certainly much easier not having to carry two devices when your phone provides you with all of the same data. With respect to our competitors in the App space, GolfLogix is constantly innovating with the most cutting-edge features. A great example is our Green Contour info where no competitors have invested in the technology that will shave a ton of strokes off your putting game. Similarly, do you feel GolfLogix has made range finders obsolete? Is there a role for range finders in addition to the app? Charleston: I love the rangefinders and actually use a Bushnell alongside our App. I feel like the GLX is the laser’s best friend as both products provide different bits of information. How were the green books developed? If you have the GolfLogix app, which shows green contours, etc., do you feel the green books are necessary?

Charleston: The Green Books are custom made to order and you do not need the books if you have the GLX App. We created the books as a different option for the golfers who don’t want to carry their phone on the golf course. The Green Books are USGA Rules Compliant, fit in your back pocket, and provide quick and easy reads on every putt. It will virtually eliminate the 3-putt and help you putt with more confidence because you know the line every time. Is the GolfLogix app approved for competitions? If not, do you see a day when it will be?

Charleston: The Green Books are Rules Compliant and allowed for any tournament. We are working on a Rules Compliant version of the GLX App where you select a setting before the round that will only provide fully compliant features. We should have this live in the next few months. How are the course/hole maps developed? Is it strictly satellite imagery? Does someone have to go out and "walk" the course?

Charleston: Our 3D hole imagery is developed from high level satellite imagery and extremely accurate so there is no need for someone to walk the course. We have been the market leader in the Golf GPS App space and the few accuracy compilations we get are usually related to golf course renovations and we can update the imagery to reflect the changes very quickly. What would you say are the main benefits of the GolfLogix app?

Charleston: The GLX helps you play smarter off the tee, helps plan your approach shot with the green contour heat map view, and like a great caddie reads the putts for you. What do you see as the future of the industry? What new features can golfers expect?

Charleston: We have an incredible new feature coming out but we are not ready to announce it yet. Like everything we do, it will be cutting edge and the golfers will love it.


Yes indeed, I’m confident golfers will love it. We did. And this coming from a guy who doesn’t use his phone for much other than email, texting and photos.

We did not use the app on every hole, strictly from a time standpoint. If there’s any issue with having a handheld GPS device or an app on course, it’s because it’s slightly more time consuming to use it. Further, it takes some tinkering for the technology challenged to be able to use all the features, but there’s no need to be a rocket scientist either. We also used the app and pitted it against a rangefinder. On the course from the fairway or rough you’re guesstimating where the flag location is for the app… and a rangefinder doesn’t care if you get it exactly on.

So, they’re both useful, as Charleston pointed out.

The green books are fantastic too, and I can see where they’d be very useful in many instances. We preferred to stick with the app in most situations. Our club also has Bermuda grass greens, so there’s always the “dead side of the hole” slope reading option. There’s no substitute for human assessment too!

All of these tools make the old days feel… well, even older. You’ll be surprised, the GolfLogix app covers most of the courses you frequent, and a full layout is just a few clicks away. Not hard at all. Seeing as most clubs have done away with their on-cart GPS systems, they’re just not needed anymore.

Needless to say, the app keeps track of scoring as well.

All things considered, the app is very reasonably priced. We don’t normally recommend products -- only that you give them a try and compare them against the competition. We definitely recommend GolfLogix and look forward to using it for years to come.

So don’t be upset if you see someone staring into their phone on the golf course. Chances are, they’re actually working on their golf games.



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