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By Jeffrey A. Rendall, Images courtesy of swingOIL

There’s little doubt that in the game of golf players pay an awful lot of attention to what goes on their bodies. From socks to shoes to belts to apparel to hats, enthusiasts of the grand and ancient game want to make sure they look the part every time they tee it up.

The same logic extends to equipment, of course. Why would a person invest thousands of dollars into the latest golf club technology without knowing in advance it was perfectly “fit” for him or her?

So if golfers are admittedly preoccupied with the exterior, shouldn’t they pay just as much mind to what goes in their bodies as well?

Sure, everyone seeks to eat right and there is any number of sports drinks designed to keep you hydrated and energized on those hot and humid afternoons on the links. But I’m talking about something you can put in your body that could actually enhance your golf game.

That’s were swingOIL enters the picture. According to swingOIL’s president, Tom Healy, the company was founded to help people feel – and play – better.

“One of the two founders of the company had a fundraiser every year raising money for cancer research...it was to play as many holes as possible...The longest day of golf,” Healy remembered.

“There would be beverages available every year and one year someone asked ‘where is the swingOIL?’ The process started and swingOIL was born. The goal was to provide a product that addressed the needs of all golfers.”

Yes indeed. swingOIL wasn’t the first ingestible product to help golfers, but it was the most complete. The swingOIL website lists the ingredients, many of which are easily recognizable to those familiar with the supplement aisle at your local pharmacy, such as Glucosamine and Chondritin for joint health.

But Healy says swingOIL is much more than just the sum of its ingredient parts. “SwingOil is a specially formulated blend of a number of supplements developed to support flexibility, focus, and strength for all types of athletes using swinging, throwing, running, or shooting motions. We are not aware of any other product on the market that can support this sort of combination fitness like swingOil.”

In other words, swingOIL isn’t just golf specific. It’s designed to be part of your whole life, not just the golf aspect.

“We suggest that you drink swingOIL every day and make it part of your daily routine,” Healy added. “We have many customers / golfers who purchase our product via monthly subscription so they can drink swingOIL every day. Some of our customers also drink swingOIL twice a day...before & during their workout or round of golf.”

There’s little need to worry about going overboard with the product, either. Unlike something like “5 Hour Energy,” swingOIL is a formulated blend of a number of supplements developed to support flexibility, focus and strength, not limited to giving you that little extra boost of energy like the other products.

Because of its unique position in the market, swingOIL boasts a devoted following at the highest levels, too. Former PGA Tour world #1 Jason Day swears by it and Healy says the company has over 70 Champions Tour players who regularly use the product.

It’s also certified safe to use. “swingOIL is NSF certified...NSF accredited third-party certification provides all stakeholders – industry, regulators, users and the general public – assurance that a certified product, material, component or service complies with the technical requirements of the referenced standard.”

It’s a technical way of saying swingOIL has been checked out by some pretty smart people and it came through without any red flags.

For our part we enjoyed trying swingOIL. Having used a number of its ingredients in different formulations over the years we knew it had the potential to work well. Though we won’t claim it helped us mark down lower scores, it definitely seemed to make the body and mind feel better after a double bogey.

As we get older, work in the office more and let’s face it, workout less, something like swingOIL becomes very important. There very well could be a feel-good psychological component to taking it, but it certainly seems to work in addition.

Like all the products we feature, we simply recommend that you try swingOIL for yourself to see if you notice a difference. At worst you’ll have the knowledge that you’re doing something healthy for yourself.

And if your golf game improves along with it, that’s a bonus, right?



Website: https://www.swingoil.com/

President: Tom Healy

Note: You can contact the company and order through the website. You can also find where to buy swingOIL.

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