Carnoustie Sportswear -- Quality, Integrity and Style on the golf course

By Jeffrey A. Rendall; Images courtesy of Carnoustie

IRVINE, CA – “Quality for sure,” answered Marshall Mancillas, CEO of Carnoustie Sportswear when I asked him what sets his company apart from other golf apparel companies.

Founded 20 years ago, Carnoustie has become a recognized maker of some of the finest golf apparel you can buy today, thanks in a large part to the company’s never ending commitment to quality. In those two decades, they’ve built a reputation for producing beautiful, high-end cotton golf clothing that looks great and feels even better.

Mancillas elaborates on what makes Carnoustie Sportswear superior. “We offer the finest quality among all product categories. We wanted to build a business on quality and we have remained steadfast in our commitment. In recessionary times, many of our competitors have changed their sourcing in an attempt to capture margin or maintain market share.

“Also, I believe our merchandising sets us apart. We offer collections of sportswear which coordinate throughout so that is easy for the buyer to merchandise a delivery or for the end user to put an outfit together. We are very well known for the ease with which you can purchase our collection. Yet, our goods are not too ‘matchy matchy.’ This is a skill at which we excel.

“Lastly, our people. All of our employees are tenured and bring a commitment to service that is unparalleled.”

The last bit is important. It means the folks behind Carnoustie have a stake in ensuring the company’s products remain exceptional.

We caught up recently with Mancillas and asked him to expand on some of the concepts behind one of the most unique apparel makers in golf. What is the history of Carnoustie? What was the motivation for creating the company?

Mancillas: The company was created because the landscape in golf apparel changed in the late ‘80s.

Immediately prior to that time, the shops had very little apparel. Aureus was around and Pickering was pervasive. But then Ashworth appeared on the scene and all of a sudden the silhouette was relaxed, banded sleeves were the rage and interlock with fancy tipping on collars and sleeve cuffs appeared.

Similarly, Bobby Jones appeared and gave us a new level of luxury and quality. I saw an opportunity to become part of the new landscape; to offer exceptional quality with our own take on style and elegance. What kind of “performance” should someone expect from golf apparel?

Mancillas: If you have purchased a cotton garment, you should expect minimal shrinkage, color fastness, shape retention and quality trims i.e. buttons, collars and sewing.

If you are purchasing a “tech or performance” garment you should expect, in addition to the foregoing, moisture wicking, UV protection and odor mitigation. How would you say golf apparel has changed/evolved over the years? What separates today's products from those of ten years ago?

Mancillas; Three major elements distinguish today’s apparel from just ten years ago.

First, fit. The fit has become much less baggy. Today’s look is about trimness in the chest , in the armhole and in the sleeve. Excess fabric is a no, no. And without realizing it, we have all become conditioned to a slimmer fit.

Second, fabric. Performance fabrics today are so much better than they were years ago. They have more body and are less drapey. Not to mention all of the aforementioned wear-ability features. This trend will continue.

Lastly, styling details. We are returning to contrasting applied collars, bold graphics and color blocking. Nothing is new. It is just being recycled with a fresh modern perspective. Do you see a trend towards bigger and bolder colors in apparel? If so, what's driving that trend?

Mancillas: Actually I think there is an emerging trend away from bold and bright.

Today we are blending cotton with poly in a new way which is leading to fabrics with a soft hand in less bold colors.  For many reasons, I think the look will evolve into a more street wear look with colors and styling that transition more than ever from course to off course. What role does Carnoustie's tour staff play in developing the products? Is it performance, style, or both?

Mancillas: Of course we solicit input from our tour players.

As a player myself, for over 50 years, I am pretty familiar with the demands put on apparel in the context of playing golf.

Nonetheless, we always seek out and consider whatever input we may receive from our player staff. As to styling, our players tend to take their cues from Carnoustie. We have always had a timeless look that is not trendy yet is compelling in today’s landscape.

And, we always have styling that transitions to off course settings seamlessly. Finally, what’s the one thing you’d like Carnoustie to be known for?

Mancillas: Integrity. At Carnoustie we stand for a relentless commitment to quality, elegance and quiet sophistication. We have never wavered from this. And, we never will. Whether it’s the product itself or the people who work here, there is an undying commitment to making your experience with our product and the people who work here memorable.


It’s no secret that there are many choices in golf apparel when you go to the golf shop – and most companies offer good quality products.

Carnoustie certainly rates with the best in terms of quality of manufacture, design and feel. Just putting on a Carnoustie shirt feels good. The fit is right and the style is distinctive. Overall, very well done.

As we do with all products, we recommend that you look for the brand when you’re shopping for golf apparel. Only through comparison can you see the difference.

Give Carnoustie a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: See the section below for details on the Carnoustie Spring 2016 collection.


Carnoustie Sportswear
17791 Skypark Circle Suite H
Irvine, CA  92614

Tel: 949 253 8550
Toll Free: 800 265 7854
Fax: 949 253 8554


Spring 2016:

Carnoustie has just released their Spring 16’ collection of performance polo’s.  Carnoustie has taken their fine fabrications, outstanding workmanship and timeless, elegant styling to create an exceptional line of performance sportswear.

The new Performance line encompasses three different color inspired collections which includes: Classic, Resort, and Desert collections.

The Classic collection centers on the American colors of red, white and blue evoking a patriotic feel, important for 2016, a Ryder Cup year.

The Resort collection, which features black, white, yellow and a wonderful shade of daiquiri green, is perfect for transitioning into the Spring 2016 season.

Lastly, the Desert collection, which focuses on orchid purple and citrus orange, conveys that it's time for fun in the sun. These colors are combined in Carnoustie's signature fashion to make them wearable and understandable.

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