Devereux Golf Apparel -- Fusing Fashion and Golf into Clothes that Fit

By Jeffrey A. Rendall, Images courtesy of Devereux

LOS ANGELES, CA – Clothes that “fit” -- what a concept.

For so long, especially in the golf world, we’ve been going to the shop, picking out some new duds and buying them in our size, only to find they’re too baggy when we actually put them on. The extra room may be comforting to some, but many of us actually want something that hangs a little closer to the body.

Luckily, golfers now have Devereux, a Los Angeles-based apparel maker whose main focus is providing stylish clothes for the links in cuts that actually “fit.” It’s an industry trend, actually, but manufacturers such as Devereux are clearly leading the way.

The company was started by brothers Robert and Will Brunner, who just happen to be avid golfers as well. The Brunners named their new business after their grandmother, who according to Robert, turns 90 this year and still “rocks high heels. She has always been a fashion inspiration to our family and she has such an elegant name that is strong enough to carry a brand.”

Yes, there’s a strong name behind their venture. The Brunner brothers also offer an equally sturdy slogan, “Proper Threads.”

How did they come up with that one? Again, Robert elaborates. “I like to break up Proper Threads when defining it. Proper is a word I like to use when describing how someone is dressed. It relates to how clothing fits and overall outfitting. This is our serious side.”

Threads are a cool alternative to clothes. It adds a hip element to proper and lightens up the stuffiness of the word. This is our fun side.”

Another enjoyable aspect of Devereux is its dedication to clothing designs reminiscent of golf’s Golden Era (the 50s, 60s & 70s) – a time when players weren’t all wearing attire that looked the same. The greats from that period were individuals, indeed.

Robert says they also find motivation from areas that do not relate to golf. “We like to see what they’re doing in Tokyo, Paris, Milan and so on, and try and fuse that into an appropriate golf collection. We study the likes of other designers, all the while becoming inspired by what they’re creating. This adds an element to Devereux that is unique to the golf world.”

Devereux’s use of color adds more distinction, which includes shades such as coral and sea green without losing the masculinity that’s important in today’s golf fashion.

“Our color palette was chosen based on modernism,” Robert explained. “It is light palette that uses a lot of blues and grey. These are our two progressive neutral colors, which we design around. Color pops for us are very important! The color pops that we add lighten up the mood and make our shirts exciting. I believe that design is the extension of one’s personality and the color pops, like our personality at Devereux, add the element of fun to our garments.”

We recently caught up with Robert Brunner (who serves as Devereux’s Creative Director), and asked him to expand on the company’s history, mission and current products:  What is the history of Devereux? What was the motivation for creating the company?

Robert: Devereux was established in 2013 to provide the golf market with a fresh modern look.

Devereux was created to produce product for the modern golfer that can transcend on and off course. Fashion and golf are two enormous passions that we share at Devereux and we wanted to fuse the two together to create a modern menswear golf brand. What sets Devereux apart from other golf apparel companies?

Robert: Devereux is a unique golf brand that designs from a fashion perspective. Our innovation in design and fabrication set us apart from most golf apparel companies. What's new for 2014?

Robert: In the Fall season of 2014, we are introducing a Player's pant that is 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. Also, we will be adding a cardigan in Caviar and Navy that is 85% PIMA cotton and 15% Baby Alpaca. What kind of “performance” should someone expect from golf apparel?

Robert: People want performance that wicks away sweat or that cools the body when hot. You can't get these two performance functions with just a polyester shirt or a cotton shirt. But what if you blend the two?

Performance of clothing varies regionally when playing golf. Climates are very different throughout the country. We have developed a fabrication that fits all climates. Our blend of PIMA cotton and Polyester provides the upmost performance in any golf polo out there. What’s the one thing you’d like Devereux to be known for?

Robert: QUALITY. We want to provide people a product that looks great, feels good and will last throughout time.


Devereux shirts are easily recognizable by their “signature pocket,” which again, is a look back to the fashion of yesteryear.

The shirts are exceptionally comfortable, and they certainly do fit well. We weren’t able to try them in very hot conditions, but they passed the eye test in addition to the performance test in cooler temperatures.

Devereux is distinctly different, a refreshing new face in the golf apparel manufacturing world. Check out their website, and look for them if you’re in the mood for something “hip” that also fits well.


The Devereux collection can be found at better clubs, resorts & specialty retailers abroad. To view the collection, visit

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