Views of Marriott Desert Springs -- No Worries, Just Fun

By Jeffrey A. Rendall; Photos by Chuck, Scot, Nick and Clint Rendall

PALM DESERT, CA – “That’s easy, it’s a fun place to play,” remarked Drew Hudgens, Marriott Desert Springs’ Head Golf Professional, when asked why a discriminating golfer would choose his facility over the competition in the golf Mecca that is Palm Desert, California.

Never underestimate the value of fun when playing golf – it’s the reason you go out in the first place, unless you enjoy the sense of frustration often found at a lot of courses these days. With the prominence of real estate in golf design the past fifty years, houses often encroach on the playing areas, making for a tightly compacted golf environment.

And if it’s not houses, it’s probably wetlands, environmental areas or lakes. The “fun” factor is reduced by having to look for lost golf balls – and that’s not even mentioning the often snail-like pace-of-play on width-challenged golf courses.

The Marriott Desert Springs has water, and plenty of it – but the demand carries are few and its two Ted Robinson-designed golf courses (Palm and Valley) are more than generous side-to-side. Both courses are lined by villas, but the residents are only ‘in play’ if you strike one really badly sideways.

It’s true “resort” golf in every sense of the word, from the moment you drive onto the property to the time you leave. Relaxation is the norm – along with “fun” – but the two just naturally seem to go together.

The golf courses aren’t pushovers, but they’re also kind enough in layout and conditioning to allow you to play your shots, drive to the ball’s inevitable destination, find it – and then hit again. Because it’s a resort, a good portion of the clientele is made up of occasional players – so the “fun” aspect of the golf helps make it enjoyable for all.

Because the Palm Course winds around the Marriott Hotel, there’s a large moat with flamingos and other tropical birds, not to mention guests cruising in boats (no fishing, though!). Again, they’re not in play – unless your clubface isn’t cooperating that day.

And surprisingly enough, one of the best times to play golf in the desert is in the summer. True, the temperatures will often get up into the 110’s, but you can’t beat the bargain prices for these terrific golf courses. “Drink lots of liquids, and you’ll be okay,” Hudgens advised – and not just beer! Also, avoid the hottest part of the day… and wear shorts.

Here’s a pictorial look at both the Palm and Valley courses – along with a recommendation that if you’re in the area, be sure to give the Marriott Desert Springs a try:

Looking back from Palm's 162-yard, par three 3rd hole. Palm trees, sand and water -- the Desert Springs experience.

The only water on Valley's par five 17th hole is at the tee box -- no problem carrying that one.

The short par four sixth hole (Palm) requires a well-placed drive to give you the best angle into the well protected green.

Pure serenity at the island-green short par four 16th hole (Valley).

The playing conditions at the Marriott Desert Springs are always superb. Here, the par four 9th hole (Palm).

The long and challenging par four 14th hole on the Valley course.

The long-range mountain views are amazing on both courses at the Marriott Desert Springs.

The Marriott's wide playing areas beg you to haul out the driver. Here, the par four 11th hole (Valley).

The 409-yard, par four 16th (Palm) wouldn't seem overly long, but often plays into the prevailing wind.

At 222-yards in length, the Valley course's 6th hole is the Marriott's longest par three, though there are several others that are long and demanding.

Palm's par three 17th hole is perhaps the best illustration of the Marriott's fabulous waterscapes.

It's risk-reward all the way on the short par four 7th hole (Valley).



Marriott Desert Springs Resort
74855 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92660

Phone: (760) 341-1756, x: 1 for tee times.
FAX: (760) 341-1756


1/1 - 4/30         $160   
5/1 to 5/31       $135                           
6/1 to 9/30       $59
10/1 to 12/31   $135
Call for specials.


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