AdamsGolf Idea a12 OS Irons -- Producing Solid Results for the Left-Handed Shot Maker

By Scot Rendall, Images Courtesy of Adams Golf

Sourcing golf equipment for those of us who play from the “wrong” side of the ball has been a challenge ever since I took up the game in the mid-1970’s. And amazingly enough, in many respects, it hasn’t changed much to this day!

For proof, I challenge anyone to go into a fine golf store or pro shop and browse the new iron sets section of the store. You will find row upon row of right handed equipment. More often than not, I have to ask where the left handed sets can be found, and the usual response from the sales staff is, “go check out that corner over there.”

When I find that tucked-away, lightly-traveled section of the shop, there might be 6-8 sets of LH clubs, of which 2-3 may be ultra low-end “beginner sets”. And don’t even get me started on shaft options! With the advent of internet shopping over the last few years, it has been somewhat easier to find LH clubs, but even then, many manufacturers do not make the full array of specialty clubs to fill out your bag.

A notable exception is Adams Golf. The Plano, Texas-based golf manufacturer may be among the best club-makers to cater to the left handed player -- and for me, they have taken much of the frustration out of putting a first-class set together.

I’ve used a couple of early generation Adams hybrids for years, and I have found them to be an excellent substitute for more difficult-to-hit longer conventional irons. Therefore, I was delighted to give the Adams Golf Idea a12 OS Irons a spin around several of my favorite course layouts. Because Adams Golf’s Idea Hybrids are the #1 hybrid on the PGA, Nationwide, and Champions Tours, I expected high performance from the hybrids (4, 5, 6) that come with the set.

I am pleased to report that the (patent-pending) Velocity Slot Technology built into these hybrids has taken my results to the next level. Adams Golf states that the technology “creates a spring-like effect across the entire face of the club”, and I am now a believer.

I found the ball to be incredibly lively and responsive off the face of these clubs, which provided me with an extra 15-20 yards over my previous set. Together with the added 10-15 yards per club realized with the shorter irons, I have had to recalibrate club selection for a large portion of my bag!

The other noticeable difference in the clubs was the amazing forgiveness for a mid-handicapper (I play to a 15) like me. The set comes with two patented Transitional Hybrids (7, 8) with the “Truss Back” design, which, according to Adams Golf, “allows more weight to be distributed to the perimeter of the club, lowering the center of gravity and making them optimally suited for bridging the gap between the hybrids and the deep undercut cavity-back irons (9, PW, GW) of the set.”

I found slightly off-center hits still achieved decent launch and only a slight distance penalty vs. nailing the sweet spot. Reflecting back on several rounds, I also remark at how straight the ball flies off the face of these clubs. More often than not, an errant shot could be attributed to misalignment rather than the result of an off-center hit from these clubs.

Clearly, they have made me more confident about my game – and that’s about all you can ask for from golf equipment.

I also appreciated the wide selection of custom options for the clubs. As I said before, it’s a luxury that left-handers don’t often get – which Adams Golf makes possible. As a middle-aged golfer hoping to hang with younger playing partners, I opted the Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue graphite shafts. Since I am traditionally a lower ball flight hitter, I figured that the graphite would also help me achieve a higher ball trajectory and enable a softer landing on greens.

Playing with graphite shafts for the first time, I found the clubs to be incredibly light and responsive, which allows for a lighter grip and a more confident feel at address.  Achieving a higher ball flight is a resounding “mission accomplished,” I’m happy to report.

There were many times when I found myself holding my finish position and admiring the high path of the ball. My, how fun it is to play golf the way it should be played! An additional thought on Adams Golf’s Velocity Shot Technology – I was so intrigued by the performance of the hybrid clubs over my older model Adams hybrids that that I visited the Adams Golf website ( to better understand the technology behind the results.

The slots, visible on both the crown and sole, “keep the airflow attached throughout the swing, which reduces the amount of drag while increasing the speed of the swing. A higher swing speed translates into a higher ball speed which then results in more distance.”

I would encourage any players with older model Adams hybrids to try out clubs with Velocity Shot Technology – the difference is noticeable and enjoyable. I am very tempted to give the Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver a try to see if I can produce more swing speed and distance out of the big stick in my bag. To sum it up, the AdamsGolf Idea a12 OS Irons have improved my outlook on the game. Though many reviews describe this set as “game improvement” most suitable for higher handicappers, the technology built into these clubs have made me a more complete golfer.

Instead of addressing the ball and processing on the various elements of swing mechanics, the added distance and forgiveness of these clubs have allowed me to think more strategically about how to play a round. My mind has been processing on ways to achieve lower scores, something that I haven’t thought about for years playing golf – this is truly a breakthrough in my approach to the sport!


Adams Golf Idea a12 OS Irons

Inquire at your higher-end golf retailers and club pro shops. Available in right and left hand with a variety of custom shaft combinations.

Adams Golf now offers Yes! Putters in addition to a full range of metal woods, hybrids, irons and wedges.

Check out more information about Adams Golf products at:

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