AUR Golf Apparel -- Curing Golf's Bad 'Green' Rap

By Jeffrey A. Rendall, Photos Courtesy of AUR

MONTREAL, CANADA -- It could be said that golf has acquired a bad ‘green’ rap over the years, namely the reputation for being destructive to the environment. It’s a ‘rap’ because it just isn’t true – some of the most environmentally-conscious people I know are involved with the golf industry, from architects to course superintendents, to property owners.

For these folks, the environment IS their business.

It’s also the case for Canadian golf apparel manufacturer AUR, which prides itself not only on providing golf duds for a good value, but also for making the earth a better place.

We caught up recently with Susan Shade, Executive VP of Fletcher Leisure Group out of Montreal, Quebec, where she introduced us to her company and some of its products.

GolfTheUnitedStates: What is the history of AUR?

Shade: AUR is the evolution of a men's and women's golf apparel brand that was once known as Aureus and Aurea and designed and distributed solely within Canada by Fletcher Leisure Group.

The desire to expand this extremely popular brand outside of Canada and with the idea of creating a more concise storyline, the brand(s) were renamed AUR and launched first within Canada in 2008 and then to the USA in 2011 under this new banner.

Along with the rebranding came a new positioning of a little younger brand image with technical golf fashions at a great price-point. This revitalization gave rise to three distinct brand categories that include AUR Authentic, Active and Aware.

GolfTheUnitedStates: Tell us a little about them.

Shade: AUR Active is a performance golf collection with emphasis on the golfers ease of movement. This category features the AUR double-knit Dri-Max™ polyester. These polos feature a stretch of spandex, a soft supple hand feel and a lightweight drape that makes it ideal for swinging a golf club.

Golfers will appreciate the long lasting synthetic fibers which create a strong, crease resistant fabric that is quick drying and maintains its shape season after season. For example, the AUR Tonal Embossed polo is available in bright colors such as flex blue, wasabi and white offering the golfer comfort, breathability and a stand out look on any fairway, especially combined with the Active plaid flat from pant in charcoal.

GolfTheUnitedStates: Sounds interesting. How about the ‘Authentic’?

Shade: The AUR Authentic is a collection of more traditional, golf-inspired clothing. An assortment of sweaters, vests, pants and shorts round out the category in classic colors of black, taupe, navy and charcoal. Classic inspired v-neck argyle vests and full-zip cardigans in taupe or iceberg are standouts in this collection. These argyle classics have a front panel design with finely knit tubular finished collars, cuffs and waistbands.

GolfTheUnitedStates: And the ‘Aware’?

Shade: The AUR Aware is the newest strongest growth category and the company's attempt to give back to our ailing planet with a unique list of specifically designed fabrics including CarboCool™, S.Cafe™ and Ecosmart™ (See below for explanations of S.Cafe™ and Ecosmart™).

This line not only looks great on the golfer but is great for the world's golf environment.

CarboCool™ fabric contains a blend of Polyester and Bamboo Charcoal. The carbonized bamboo is visual on the inside of this material as a grey tint. The benefits of this fabric include Moisture Wicking and Fast Drying for comfort, as well as Anti-Odor and Added UV Protection for peace of mind. Carbonized Bamboo is environmentally responsible, and offers the same benefits that a chemical finish would without the unnecessary harm to the environment.

GolfTheUnitedStates:  What sets AUR apart from other golf apparel companies?

Shade:  The price value relationship between great trend right product at a good value to the customer. The colors are new and fresh as well as the look is what the customer of all ages can wear.

GolfTheUnitedStates: What’s the one thing you’d like AUR to be known for?

Shade:  Earth friendly products that are trend right. We consistently use recycled and eco friendly fabrication in a vast portion of the product mix. This is part of our mission of doing the right things for the environment as good citizens of our planet. Yet we are able to provide trend right products that speak to the current needs of the ever changing technical aspect of golf apparel.


I knew the first instant I saw the shirts that A.U.R. was different than most golf apparel. As Shade indicated above, the material has a distinct texture, and quite apart from your typical polo. It’s lightweight and very comfortable – certainly worth a look the next time you’re pondering your golf wardrobe for the season.

Additional information:   A.U.R. has 3 distinct categories for All That You Are. Starting with the AUR Active Collection, which boasts performance driven designs, this category features our polyester double-knit Dri-Max™ . These polos feature the stretch of Spandex, a soft, supple handfeel and a lightweight drape that makes it ideal for golf. Synthetic fibres create a strong, crease resistant fabric that is quick drying and maintains its shape.

Next we have the AUR Authentic category. This collection is the home for our more traditional golf inspired assortment of sweaters, vests, pants and shorts. Classic colors of Black, Taupe, Navy and Charcoal.   Finally AUR Aware is our strongest growth category and our attempt to give a little back to our ailing planet. This is AUR “doing its part” with a list of fabric stories including:  


S.Café™ uses a patented process that transforms the coffee grounds into yarn, which is then used to produce polos. Most coffee grounds end up in our landfills, which contributes to our overall solid waste management problem. Producing a garment with S.Café™ fabrics helps in easing landfill concerns.


EcoSmart™ is a fabric made from Recycled Polyester Yarn. Recycled polyester yarn is made from plastic post-consumer based products   It is environmentally friendly by reducing fossil fuel consumption and green house gases when compared to regular polyester production.

The Ecosmart story encompasses 2 different fabrics:

1)    100% Recycled Polyester

2)    Combed Cotton/ Recycled Polyester

The Combed Cotton / Recycled Polyester provides the durability and performance of polyester with the added comfort and breathability of cotton.


AUR is now available in the U.S in 2012 and has always been available in Canada. The apparel is available at many Pro Shops and golf courses across the U.S. and Canada.

Contact information:


Customer Service Number: 1-800-561-3872

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