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By Chuck Hancock


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -- Classic Excellence.


I must admit, before seeing, and using, the Club Glove FCO (For Carts Only) Luxury Cart Bag I never gave much thought to what type of bag I used to carry my clubs.  However, after having had an opportunity to use this bag, my sense of what is, and is not, a great golf bag has been forever etched in my mind.


In fact, I never knew Club Glove even made golf bags.  I thought they just made travel bags.  Disclosure -- I own the Club Glove "Last Bag" travel bag, and, guess what, it will be the last travel bag I ever own.  Easy to see why it is by far the Number 1 travel bag used on the PGA Tour.


The typical golfer, while he or she may appreciate the look of a particular brand of bag, most likely just uses one which is satisfactorily functional.  You know, stores your clubs, some balls and tees, and has a few pockets to keep stuff in.  Virtually all bags do this -- the Club Glove FCO bag does much, much more.

The "FCO" cart bag - Strong and sturdy.


The Club Glove FCO exudes the classic look, as indicated by the manufacturer, of “timeless traditionally styling.”  It harkens back to an earlier time, when bags were not designed simply to hold as much as possible, but rather when they looked, in a word, classy.


From the top, the nine inch opening has six separate places from where you can comfortably organize and access your clubs.


The workmanship of this bag is simply without rival – From the two riveted steel belt loops used to securely keep the bag perfectly upright when loaded onto the back of the golf cart, to the many versatile pockets (some fur lined) designed to store shoes, balls, weather gear, and personal items (such as keys, watches, and wallets), the design of this bag is exemplary.  Speaking of pockets, two contain zippered “hideaway” pockets – Perfect for keeping an extra car and/or locker key.  Of the 11 pockets, 9 are readily accessible when loaded onto a cart.


The pedigree of the Club Glove bag is also without parallel.  According to Ms. Tracy Nackel, of TEN Marketing and Public Relations, the Club Glove “Billboard” Tour Bag has been the bag of choice for several USA Ryder Cup teams.  She adds that “about 200 professionals” from the various professional tours use a Club Glove Tour Bag.


"FCO" - Various color choices are available.

The Club Glove FCO bag also features a unique patented removable panel onto which personalized embroidery can be applied.  Unlike most other bags, which must be embroidered when they bag is constructed, this removable panel allows for embroidery, either by Club Glove (for a nominal $25.00 charge) or by any after sale embroidery location.


The FCO bag comes with an easy to use “canopy style” rain hood, which, in additon to keeping your clubs dry, allows easy access to your clubs during inclement weather.  The bag is also available in elephant vinyl (as shown in the photos) or ballistic nylon.  It comes in black, with a variety of nine trim colors.  The bag is shown here with khaki trim.


The bag comes with a two-year limited warranty, up-gradable to an unconditional five-year warranty.


For the discerning player, the Club Glove FCO bag is not to be overlooked when considering the purchase of your next cart bag. 


Easy access to numerous pockets with the "FCO" bag.

Walk Without "Fear" -- Club Glove Hotstepper Stand Bag


So, you want to play a little golf, and walk while you're doing it.  You know, go up to the club, play a quick 9 or 18, and get a little exercise at the same time.  Of course, the variety of carry bags on the market is extensive.  What's a little more selective is the Hotstepper bag from Club Glove.


Clubglove calls this bag a "modular" stand bag.  The bag has two removable pockets.  See photos.  This is a great feature, enabling the player, depending on the amount of gear he wishes to carry, to customize his load.  The bag, at its lightest, weighs just 4.2 pounds (4.9 pounds fully geared).  The bag is made from Military Spec Parachute material PIA-C-7350, a modified box ripstop weave fabric, specifically adapted for The Club Glove.


Carrying this bag is a breeze, due in large part to the Izzo (r) dual strap and an adjustable center of gravity strap.  An extra large lumbar pad makes getting to your next shot that much more enjoyable.  Stand the bag by simply tilting it forward.


Like the FCO bag, custom embroidery options are many, due to the removable nature of the pockets -- Both pieces can be embroidered.


The "Hotstepper" carry bag - Several college logo options are available.

The Club Glove claims to be the "Lightest, strongest, full sized stand bag available today."  From what I've seen, I believe them.

This bag is available with a variety of college logos embroidered on the side.  See  The University of Maryland bag is shown here.  Of course, while one should never forget to "Fear the Turtle" -- Using The Club Glove Hotstepper Stand Bag will enable you to never again "Fear" walking during a round of golf.


For more information, to include information on how and where to obtain a Club Glove FCO Luxury Cart Bag or a Hotstepper carry bag, (as well as many other fine Club Glove products), go to, or call 1.800.736.4568.

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